In a market where all brands are constantly seeking to set themselves apart from the competition, it is vital to complement the quality of products by ‘dressing’ them well, in a way that makes them stand out for their beauty and design at the point of sale, as well as making it easier to keep the products in optimum condition...

Printing and lamination of single-layer, duplex and triplex materials. We work with laminates, not just for aesthetic reasons because they are the first thing that catches the eye, but also because of their multiple qualities in relation to protecting and preserving products. We can print on or laminate materials with one or several layers or substrates, which can be different from one another.

Laminates are essentially used for 2 reasons:
  1. To protect the contents of the packaging being printed on, with this printing often taking place on the inside to preserve the gloss of the external plastic.
  2. To achieve a barrier effect, protecting the product, improving the aesthetics of the packaging and cutting costs.
The laminate confers the following qualities:
  • Good compatibility with the product to be packaged
  • Qualities of physical strength, stiffness, good resistance to piercing and abrasion, and the ability to bend and fold
  • Performance qualities, such as good machinability and good capacity for heat sealing
  • Qualities of blocking damp, gases, odours and outside UV light
  • Aesthetic qualities, such as a metallic, transparent or opaque look